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Bamboo Societies and Organizations

Texas Bamboo Society 

American Bamboo Society    Lots of great information with many good links.


Bamboo of the Americas (BOTA)

Bamboo Society of Australia

European Bamboo Society

INBAR     The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan

The World Bamboo Organization


Misc. Good Links

Bamboo Web     Lots of bamboo information, pictures, and discussion, especially for the USA

Bamboos Recommended for Texas     Bamboos which will probably do well in Texas if planted in the proper environment. The site does need updating — I wrote it!

Bamboo Species Growing in Texas     Bamboo species which have been reported as growing in Texas. The site does need updating — I wrote it!

Bamboo Synonyms for Names

Catalog of New World Grasses     Taxonomic and technical data on bamboo species

Gardening in Austin     General information and lots of Texas links

Global Compendium of Weeds     Clearly, from the title, they have the wrong idea about bamboo, but has good technical and taxonomic data

Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens     Lots of links to societies and plant data bases

Mr. Bamboo     A fun site from Australia with lots of good info and pictures. Also has an animated Bamboo Growth Simulation . . . look at a picture of a species and click on the moving scale at the top left of the photo.

Plant Growth Maps:

  American Horticultural Society Heat Zones   

  Cold Hardiness

   Solar Energy  (measured in megajoules per day per square meter)

  Texas Hardiness Zones

  USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map




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